W4W delivers exemplary service for Kirigiti Investor

Working with private sector and individual clients is always a challenging yet exciting opportunity for W4W. This is because such projects tend to be demanding in terms of deadlines, budgets and scope. Individual clients and firms want to get real value for their investment, want projects completed quickly and on time and with utmost quality.

Thankfully, these elements are strongly embedded in Water for World’s DNA. As a value-driven organization, excellence and outstanding service are part and parcel of service delivery.

On November 21st 2019 we broke ground on a drilling project at a block of apartments in Kirigiti, Kiambu county, for a client who was disappointed with services he had received previously. From sourcing statutory permits to meticulous planning and communication, the client was pleased with the entire preliminary process.

When it came to the actual drilling, it took a mere two days to complete the required 213 meters and another one day to case and develop the borehole. This speed was impressive to the project team including the architect, engineer and clerk of works. To cap it, a 24 hour pump test yielded an impressive 12,000 litres an hour of clean water.

The seamless co-ordination among crew members is embodied by the core value of team spirit that saw the team pull together tirelessly to deliver on the project within a record time.

Health and safety awareness are adhered to at all times and so is environmental responsibility including dust and noise reduction as well as waste water disposal.

In 2019, we have delivered similar superior service to more than 50 clients and hope to do even more in the coming year.