Using Reverse Osmosis to Purify Water in Dasheg, Wajir County

At Water for the World, we are determined to provide fresh, wholesome, great tasting water to marginalized and under-served communities. Apart from drilling boreholes, we utilize water purification technology to restore hope to these communities one at a time. Access to clean water gives people back their time; time that would have otherwise been spent searching for or fetching water long distances from home.

Dasheg, a small town in Wajir County in Kenya can now access clean water after the installation of a solar powered reverse osmosis machine with a capacity of 300 litres per hour. Reverse osmosis is a water purification process that employs the use of partially permeable membrane to get rid of ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from water. Since accessing electricity is a problem in remote areas of Kenya, we are able to utilize renewable energy sources to power the water purification equipment.

Reverse Osmosis machine installed at Deshag Village

Solar energy used to power the water purification equipment

A reverse osmosis machine can be used to purify drinking water from lakes, rivers, dams, pans and boreholes