PCEA Sigona Project: Borehole drilling, equipping, water treatment and water tower

A few months ago, Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) Sigona decided to interview various drilling contractors for a new borehole after the previous one developed challenges.

After a rigorous interview process, that involved the church’s partners from the USA, Water for the World (W4W) was selected for the job. What distinguished W4W as more suitable for the project compared to the other contractors that were interviewed is our core mission and values, drilling experience and track record. To get first hand experience on how W4W operates, the interviewing panel visited two sites we were working on in Nairobi: Gilbi Business Park and African Inland Mission, Kabete.

On 11th November 2019, the W4W crew mobilized equipment and started the drilling works using the Max Drill Rig that has a capacity to drill up to 400 meters. By the second day, water was gushing out of the ground at the rate of 12 cubic meters of water per hour. The borehole will be equipped with a pump, 12.5 meter water tower and two 5,000 litre storage tanks.

W4W shall also install two mini reverse osmosis systems to eliminate potential fluoride in the water which will be used by children and the congregation. The beneficiaries for the project include Sigona Presbyterian Academy School that has more than 200 children and regular church members.