AIC Dirib Gombo, Marsabit Borehole

Even though it should be a basic human right, the access to clean, safe and abundant drinking water remains a dream in many arid and semi-arid areas of our country.

In remaining true to our mandate of providing world class solutions to our clients, W4W Kenya also works towards restoring dignity in the lives of marginalized and under-served communities through collaborating with value partners to end water shortage.

One such partner is Compassion International Kenya, who in association with its church partners, recently undertook a project to bring water to Dirib Gombo in Marsabit County.

W4W Kenya crew embarked on drilling a borehole at Dirib Gombo on 13th February 2022. The borehole is 250m deep with a yield of 3.7 cubic meters per second. All the work including casing of the borehole and the borehole development was completed by 23rd February 2022.

The commissioning of the borehole was a joyous occasion marked by prayer and thanks giving especially for the women and children of Dirib Gombo who no longer have to shoulder the burden of trekking for hours in search of water and can now use their time in more productive activities such as getting an education in school.