Water for the World (W4W) at Gilbi Park, Athi River

It is always with great excitement that W4W drilling crew receive news of yet another borehole project. This time, the project was to be at Gilbi Business Park in Athi River and W4W’s “JN Crew” would be the ones to undertake the project. The JN Crew operates a Max Drill Rig that has a capacity to drilling up to 400 meters.

W4W’s Max Drill Rig

Gilbi Business Park is one of the many specialized compounds within the Athi River industrial zone that houses various industrial, manufacturing and warehousing businesses. Athi River is in Machakos County, at a distance of approximately 30 kilometers from Nairobi. It is imperative that a business park have an abundant and readily available source of water, and so a borehole is an essential installation. The Water for the World (W4W) JN Crew was called upon to provide reliable, cost efficient and wise water systems at Gilbi Business Park.

Gilbi Business Park, Athi River

After the hydro-geological and the geophysical site survey used to assess the groundwater potential for the development of a borehole, the JN Crew mobilized the team and equipment for the trip to Athi River. And so on Friday, 19th July 2019, the exuberant crew arrived on site.

It took the JN crew just 4 days to hit three very rich aquifers that yielded 10m³/hr at a depth of 300m. This water production will be adequate for the various businesses – including some that manufacture tissue paper and shoes – at Gilbi Business Park

As the JN Crew left Gilbi Business Park, Water for the World (W4W) was once again living up to its mission; ‘Dignity in life’.