W4W launches water treatment plant in Samburu

Water for the World (W4W) in partnership with the Full Gospel Churches of Kenya (FGCK) and King’s Community Church, Aberdeen (KCC) has set out on a mission to transform the lives of Swari community in Samburu County by providing a lasting solution to the water stressed community.

The area with about 2,000 inhabitants has not seen clean water for decades, depending primarily on drying river-beds to fetch water for domestic use and livestock survival.

When a missions team visited the area in 2018, it became apparent that something needed to be done to support the community that comprises many children who missed school after spending hours fetching water and herding. The King’s Community Church, Aberdeen, graciously came to the rescue by providing funding to drill and equip a borehole.

The borehole was drilled in May 2018 at a depth of 102 meters and yielded approximately 1200 liters an hour. “Wow! No more water problems!”, community members exclaimed with joy.

Unfortunately, and to everyone’s disappointment, the water was too salty and unfit for human consumption. The question then was: What do we do? We have the water, but clearly have not solved the problem the community was facing, save for the fact that the animals enjoyed the salty taste of the water.

The solution lay in a reverse osmosis water treatment facility that would turn the saline, polluted water into a fresh drinking commodity. Better still, the entire system would be designed to be solar powered – to make use of the plenty of sunshine in the area.

Again, KCC was at hand to provide funding for the system that was installed in a few weeks by W4W. This however didn’t come easy due to the harsh arid terrain and poor road network, but determination to ensure the story changes for the community people kept us moving.

The water management committee at the borehole site after drilling was completed

Water management committee at Swari undergoing a training on how to effectively manage the water project

The Reverse Osmosis machine

The radiant faces of the people as they taste the fresh water that was once unfit for human consumption tells of the relief brought about by this Reverse Osmosis machine. No more brown teeth for the children!!

Once again, Water for the World lived up to its mission of giving ‘’dignity in life”.