Ol’donyiro rejoices over a fresh water borehole

Residents of Ol’donyiro, a small centre in Isiolo County, could not hide their joy last week when Water for the World (W4W) descended with machinery to drill a borehole sponsored by World Challenge in conjunction with the Full Gospel Churches of Kenya (FGCK).

The area which is predominantly pastoralist, does not have any formal water supply system with residents relying on the occasional rain catchment, shallow wells and seasonal streams. Without reliable and clean water, general development of the area has been slow.

As a result of the new borehole, schools, a village polytechnic, hospital, police station are now among close to 2,000 lucky beneficiaries of the project. It will be equipped with a solar pumping system, since sunlight is in plenty.

World Challenge through it’s signature program Community Health Education (CHE) has been conducting training sessions in conjunction with W4W to encourage residents to make the best use of the water and embrace farming among other economic activities. This is expected to transform the village in the coming years.

“Water is life and we are so grateful to the sponsors and Water for the World for coming to our rescue,” said a resident.

A group of Ol’donyiro residents (photo by Paul Njamba)

Drilling works ongoing at Ol’donyiro in Isiolo County (photos by Paul Njamba)