Lochopereta borehole brings joy

With drilling, amazing and unusual things can happen. Residents of Lochopereta/Kaikor Village in Turkana County have for many years been walking more that 30 kilometers to the closest water source.

Women and children would make the journey in days with the assistance of donkeys that had jerrycans strapped on their backs. It is a torturous, sun-bathed and rugged journey that would take days. The water itself was not ideal for consumption or livestock, but yet the only available source.

When the Catholic Mission became aware of the daunting challenge faced by this community, they were moved to intervene and contracted Water for the World to drill a borehole. A detailed hydrogeological survey was conducted and the necessary permits acquired. Even with this assessment, it is never fully clear what is to be expected until the drilling is done.

What was surprising was that after just 30 meters of drilling, a fresh aquifer was struck with a yield of three thousand litres an hour. It turned out to be one of the freshest water aquifers in the region and solved Kaikor’s community’s challenge of so many years. The entire village came alive with song and dance as women and children fetched the water for the drinking, domestic use and for their livestock, a most valued asset.

It is amazing how sometimes water scarcity can be resolved promptly with the right attitude, information and equipment, bring dignity in life to so many people.

W4W Crew on site