Joy as New W4W Rig Commissioned

Rig adds capacity and superior operational flexibility

Saturday May 4th 2019, marked a milestone for Water for the World (Kenya) with the commissioning of a new PRD Speed Star rig that has a capacity to drilling up to 300 meters.

It was a joyous moment when the new machine, which has been fully retrofitted, roared to life at its first site in Rumwe village, Njoro sub-county, Nakuru.

The crew led by driller Denis Kerubo and site manager Bernard Ombasa expressed confidence in the equipment saying it had the right frame to maneuver tight spaces while at the same time power to drill hundred of meters in a matter of days.

Managing Director, Justus Waimiri, was on site to witness the commissioning which started with prayers. “It has been a long journey to get this new rig but thankfully today it has happened,” he said.

Speed Star is the third drilling rig owned and managed by W4W, the others being a Max Drill with a capacity of 400 meters and PAT Drill 501 with a drilling capacity of 200 meters. The three rigs allow for operational flexibility enabling the company to be at diverse sites at the same time.

Speed Star at work in Njoro, Nakuru

PAT Drill has tremendous ability to drill in loose formations such as Turkana while the Max Drill is a workhorse in Nairobi and its environs.

“Our clients and partners can rest easy once they commission a project with us, we shall continue to deliver with high integrity and efficiency,” said the MD.