Joann’s Well

On Monday 1st April 2019, Water for the World (W4W) staff, friends and partners spent the day at Hope and Faith Children’s Home for the auspicious event of the official launch of Joann’s Well.

Her Excellency Mama Rachel Ruto (centre), Marion Karimi, Director of Faith & Hope and Justus Waimiri, Managing Director, Water for the World (left) walk to the borehole site

The bright day with a clear blue sky was perfect for a purposeful gathering of people coming together to celebrate good deeds for a worthy cause.

To get to Hope and Faith Children’s Home, you branch off along the Thika-Nairobi highway at Juja town and travel about 12 kilometers in an area known as Juja Farm. Juja Farm is a hot and semi-arid area located in Juja Constituency of Kiambu County.

Hope and Faith Children’s Home caters for physically and mentally challenged kids, most of who have been abandoned by their relatives. At the Centre, the children are accommodated, taken care of, rehabilitated and given special needs education. The Centre also accommodates children with cerebral palsy; a developmental neurological disorder that is a leading cause of disability in young children.

Hope and Faith Children’s Home was formed in 2006 by Marion Karimi, after experiencing her own misfortune of living with a brother who had cerebral palsy and a disability. Due to stigma attached to the condition, he is reported to have died mysteriously, a situation that bothered Marion for many years. Over the years, the Centre has grown through the support of well-wishers. It currently accommodates 42 children.

One of the challenges that the residents of Juja Farm encounter on a daily basis is the availability of clean, reliable and readily available water in adequate quantities to meet their daily needs. In April 2018, Water for the World (W4W) was drilling a borehole at Juja Farm when Justus Waimiri, the Managing Director heard about Hope and Faith Children’s Home. When Justus visited the Centre, he was immediately struck by the suffering of the children that was exacerbated by lack of water and proper sanitation. That is when Justus embarked on a search for a solution to the problem.

Reprieve for Hope and Faith Children’s Home came in the form of friends of the late Joann Snyder Walker who were touched to finance the drilling and equipping of a borehole as a donation. Drilling for the borehole was done in July 2018 and water with a volume of 14,000 litres (per hour) struck at 180 meters. A solar pumping system was installed thereafter to ensure the home enjoys reliable water supply without paying any monthly electricity bills.

It was christened “Joann’s Well” in memory of Joann who lived a life of service and dedication to assisting the less fortunate.

W4W crew drilling Joann’s Well at the Hope and Faith Children’s Home in July 2018

Joann’s Well enables the kids at Hope and Faith Children’s Home and residents living in the surrounding area to have access to clean and abundant water for consumption, domestic use, sanitation, animal husbandry and agriculture. They are all humbled by Joann’s kind posthumous gesture and grateful to her friends who made it happen.

Joann Snyder Walker was eulogized by her friends – Bettina and Vicky – as a devout Christian and American entrepreneur, mother and wife who worked hard to raise a family and build a career. She made friends with many people and would always want the best for them. Her legacy leaves on with her family and friends.

Vicky shows a portrait of Joann

On Monday 1st April 2019, Joann’s friends – Bettina, Vicky and Kelly – visited Hope and Faith Children’s Home to officially launch the Well and also personally meet the children whose lives her donation is making a huge difference.

Water for the World (W4W) organized a simple and beautiful launch ceremony that was also graced by Her Excellency Mama Rachel Ruto

Once again, we had the privilege to provide a service that enabled us to live up to our motto ‘Dignity in Life’